Undercover Manuscript War-Time Newspaper

France. Vol. I, No. 1 (May 1942) through Vol. III, No. 26 (September 4 and 5, 1944). Clandestine manuscript journal published in the town of Thérouanne during the German occupation.

Thérouanne, 1942-1944. Large octavos (23 × 18 cm). Contemporary marbled-paper covered boards; loosely inserted leaves of manuscript in red and blue ink to rectos and versos; very occasional small illustrations and affixed maps. Very good.

A series of original handwritten single leaves, approximately 426 issues total, of a likely clandestine manuscript news bulletin, covering three years of the height of activity of World War II. Published in the town of Thérouanne in the Hauts-de-France region of northern France, near Calais and Dunkirk, this bulletin covers the military situations and events of the war happening around the world, providing almost daily updates. Most of the issues are laid out country by country, now housed loosely in three notebooks, each covering one year of the war. The final page of the final issue, from September 4 and 5, 1944, reads "Le 5 Septembre a 8H15 Thérouanne est liberée par une division polonaise."

After 400 issues, running through June 6/7, 1944, the title changes to "France Liberation: Nouvelle Edition" and continues as such through the final issue.

Some highlights include statements from Hermann Göring and Winston Churchill, a full page in issue 83, 7 December 1942, titled "7-12-41 PEARL HABOUR" [sic], the death of Pierre Vienot, information on war crimes, statistics, and the first issue of the new series, June 6/7, 1944, which carries the headline "L'Invasion de la forteresse 'Europe' a commencée", after the invasion of Normandy.

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