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Dvije godine borbe i pregnuća 13. udarne divizije IV. armije 10.V. 1943 – 10. V. 1945 [Two years of battle and trials of the 13th shock division of the 4th Army, May 10, 1943 – May 10, 1945].

Gorica: Izdanje Propagandnog otsjeka 13. udarne divizije, 1945. Octavo (21.1 × 15.6 cm). Original side-stapled printed wrappers; 47 pp. Frontis portrait of Tito and five additional photographs. About very good.

First and only edition of this commemorative account of the activities of the 13th Primorsko-Goranska Assault Division, a Yugoslav Partisan division created on April 19, 1943 in Brinje, Croatia, from the 6th and 14th Brigades. The pamphlet describes various actions and battles, including a lengthy essay on the liberation of Bosiljevo near Karlovac, and also describes the two-year anniversary festivities.

The Croatian partisans were part of a larger anti-fascist Yugoslav resistance movement, the most successful anti-Nazi force to emerge on Axis-occupied territory. The first resistance groups arose in 1941, in response to the new Nazi-puppet government of the Independent State of Croatia. Using guerilla warfare tactics, sabotage, and a makeshift, yet highly effective underground printing and propaganda effort, the partisans scored key victories and eventually swelled to a 110.000 people-strong force, the largest and most successful of the Yugoslav partisan troops. Produced in small numbers, using low-quality stock and crude forms of reproduction technologies, publications by the Yugoslav partisans are rare today. This title was not included in the 2017 catalog, “The Partisans: The Underground Society” (by Daša Pahor and Alexander Johnson).

As of June 2021, KVK and OCLC only show a 1968 re-edition.

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