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Sandwich. Petites Annonces Gratuites. Supplement à Libération. No. 1 (1 December 1979) through No. 65 (21 February 1981) (all published).

A complete run in 65 issues of the free weekly supplement to the journal Libération, issues approx. 48 pp., composed primarily of classified ads, under the direction of Zina Rouhaba, Jean-Luc Hennig, and Serge July, found inside the Saturday editions of Libération, the ads interspersed with reports on topics such as London punks and the New York gay scene, interviews with figures including Roland Barthes and Margerite Duras, essays, and illustrations and cartoons from artists such as Robert Combas, Jacques Monory, Roland Topor, Siné, Pierre Ouin, Ted Benoit, René Pétillon, Hippolyte Romain, Luc Cornillon, Serge Clerc, Cathy Millet, and the Bazooka collective. Illustrated throughout with photographs, cartoons, and comics, including a large amount of subversive and/or erotic imagery. 4to. Orig. illustrated wrpps. Some minor soiling, age-darkening, some very minor losses. Paris 1979-1981.

In 1979, in response to the overwhelming requests for placement of free advertisements, the editors of Libération decided to group them all into a free weekly supplement. Sandwich, named for the way in which it is "sandwiched" between the pages of Libération, became the unofficial publication of those sometimes scandalous groups and movements on the margins of society, including feminists, gays, punks, immigrants, loners, and drug addicts. The listings included gay personal ads and were a key component of the gay liberation movement in France. It is difficult to say whether institutions would catalogue Sandwich together with Libération, but according to OCLC as of June 2021, there is not a single standalone holding of Sandwich located in the United States.

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