Cartolina Futurista Tipo-Cangiullo.

Extremely rare uncirculated Futurist postcard with a stylized full-color version of the Italian flag to the front, and black and white text to verso. Loose as issued, 140 x 90 mm. Very fine condition. Milano (Movimento Futurista diretto da Marinetti) n.d. (circa 1915). Salaris, Futurismo Postale, p. 213-s n. 3; Scudiero, Futurismi Postali, p. 31 n. 4 and 34 n.11.

Immediately preceding Italy's entry into World War I, the Futurists produced a very famous postcard titled "La Bandiera Futurista", illustrated by a special iteration of the Italian flag in which the red portion takes up three fourths of the image, with the last quarter being divided equally between white and green. The most well-known version of this postcard was also printed with the motto "Marciare non marcire".
This "Tipo-Cangiullo" variant is extremely rare and little known. It is named in honor of its inventor, the Neopolitan Futurist Francesco Cangiullo. The front of the postcard bears the Italian flag with the same division of red, white, and green as the other variants, printed with text in the style of a form to easily fill out, including the categories of "Futurismo", "Guerra", Novità e Affari", "Piaceri", "Donne", "Viaggi e Appuntamenti", and "Saluti o Insulti". The verso carries a brief text by Marinetti regarding the "bandiera futurista".
As of July 2021, OCLC only locates a single holding of this postcard in Germany, but we are aware of one institutional holding in North America.

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