6 Events in Amsterdam.

Large double-sided exhibition poster from the Eventstructure Research Group (ERG) for six events held over a total of three days in September 1969, titled "Pneutube", "Cushion", "Totems", "Waterwalk", "Grassroll", and "Brickhill", to be held at Frederiksplein, Sloterplas, and Museumplein, the poster folded six times to make twelve separate sections, featuring photographs of a number of past events dated from December 1967 through September 1969, as well as notes for some events planned for late 1969 and 1970. 100 x 60 cm. Some very minor creasing, overall very good condition. Amsterdam/London (Eventstructure Research Group) 1969.

The Eventstructure Research Group (ERG) was comprised of Theo Botschuijver, Lex de Groot, Iniek Klaarenbeek, Rob Rotteveel, Jeffrey Shaw, and Vitalis van der Vlugt.
According to Jeffrey Shaw's website, "The Eventstructure Research Group experimented with inflatable tubes of various lengths and diameters because of their simplicity, structural integrity and versatility. Polythene tubing, which the industry manufactured in rolls, could immediately be inflated to create dynamic interactive event structures, such as, for example, Supertube and Waterquake. Larger, more robust tubes like the Pneutube and the Waterwalk Tube were custom-made...and were wide enough for people to go inside of. The Pneutube...was installed in numerous venues, first in Amsterdam at Sigma Projects' Six Events in Amsterdam and then at other places where it assumed different functions and forms such as an expanded cinema intallation, a performance environment, a play space, and an architectural corridor." Very scarce; as of August 2021, although OCLC shows a handful of holdings in the Netherlands and two in London, we could not find any copies in a North American institution.

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