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The Orange Alternative – Surrealist Protest Movement

Broadside: Festiwal Sztuki Obecnej [The Festival of Contemporary Art, Wrocław June 1-2, 1989].

Wrocław: self-published, 1989. Single leaf printed in blue measuring 30 × 21.5 cm. Very good. In archival mylar sleeve.

A poster advertising a one of the last events of The Orange Alternative in Communist Poland, the Contemporary Art Festival, which opened in Wrocław on June 1, 1989. The poster depicts a fragmented figure holding a flag in one hand and a trumpet in another, with a five-point star at its center, a kind of explosion of the red star of communist propaganda. The festival featured contemporary Polish rock bands such as Kormorany, Big Cyc and Kult, which were part of the popular appeal of the event.

The Orange Alternative was a carnivalesque artistic and quasi-political group performance art movement, which reached its peak of activity in 1985-1989. In later interviews Fydrych explained that in organizing the happenings of the Orange Alternative, his ambition was “to treat the political system of Poland as a work of art.”

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