Collection of Milan Knizak Ephemera and Documents.

Small archive of items related to artist Milan Knizak, including: a manila envelope sent from Knizak which reads to verso "Love Aktual! Love Flux! Love Milan! Love Brako! Love Everyone! Your Heart Has Right Side For These Loves", and which contains a copy of the 1967 publication "Paper Bird", with text by Knizak and design by Ken Friedman, containing event scores; 10 flyers printed on colorful paper stock for a total of 4 different events by Knizak or Friedman, including "Neo Haiku Event", "This is Really It! This is Really It! This is?", and "Aktual is Holding Hands/Making Love/Being People/Keeping Together"; an announcement for Knizak's Obtizny Obrad/Difficult Ceremony, calling for willing participants to "go to a solitary place where they spend 24 hours" during which "they must not eat, drink, sleep, smoke, speak or use drugs" and "must not communicate in any other way, by writing or sign language", until they "depart still in silence" 24 hours later; and a letter from Allan Kaprow to the President of the Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic, dated August 28, 1972, calling for amnesty to be granted to Knizak, who Kaprow calls "the leading representative of the Happenings-movement in Eastern Europe", accompanied by a blank petition form which describes Knizak's work as "an important contribution to the international contemporary art". 4to. All loose as issued, various paper stocks, Paper Bird with original blue paper cover. Very good condition. Various cities, circa 1967-1972.

Milan Knizak is a Czech performance artist, sculptor, musician, installation artist, graphic artist, art theorist, and dissident. He created his first happenings, installations, and art environments in the streets and plazas of Prageu beginning in the early 1960s. Not many years later he co-founded the contemporary art group Aktual and also joined the international Fluxus movement. In 1965 Knizak became the director of Fluxus East, and organized and performed happenings and concerts in Czechoslovakia, such as "A Walk Around Novy Svet" and "Demonstration for Oneself". Fluxus East also organized Fluxus festivals in Vilnius, Prague, Budapest, and Poznan in the late 1960s and 1970s. The festival in Prague took place in 1966, and Knizak participated alongside Ben Vautier, Alison Knowles, Serge Oldenbourg, Dick Higgins, and Jeff Berner.

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