Gallery One Ten Years.

Unpaginated (six sheets printed recto and verso including wrpps.) exhibition catalogue with foreword by Victor Musgrave, the retrospective exhibition held from August 19 through September 6, 1963, containing brief biographies of 42 artists and exhibitions or groups who presented from 1953 through 1963 at Gallery One, including Rufino Tamayo, Abramovitch, Enrico Baj, Henry Miller, F.N. Souza, Bridget Riley, Yves Klein, Oeuvres d'Art Transformables, Seven Indian Painters, and Festival of Misfits, which helped bring the Fluxus movement to Britain. Illustrated with black-and-white plates. 4to. Original wrpps., some rust to staples. London (Gallery One) 1963.

In his foreword, Musgrave writes, "To our many friends among artists, collectors, the public and the critics we have pleasure in offering, with regret for omissions due to lack of space, this resumé of a decade's activities."

Gallery One was "an experimental and pioneering contemporary art gallery run by the poet and art dealer Victor Musgrave" where artists could both exhibit their work and form social connections. Musgrave, as a writer, poet, and art dealer, attracted an interesting range of both artists and patrons, and developed a "stable" of artists he supported. He not only put on exhibitions, but worked extremely hard to find his artists patrons and buyers. "For Musgrave, this was not about following fashion, but supporting artists he really believed in...Musgrave was particularly supportive of artists from outside Britain, especially those from South Asia."
Gallery One was also the location of early shows by Yves Klein and Gustav Metzger, the 1958 introduction of Kinetic Art to Britain, and helped introduce Fluxus to the British art world. (Sarah Turner, "Gallery One: Victor Musgrave's 'stable' of artists", British Library)
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