Mail Art and Dadaism

Collection of Anna Banana Publications and Ephemera.

Group of publications and documents primarily related to Canadian mail artist Anna Banana, including: two issues of Vile (Christmas Special 1974 and February 14, 1985); two issues of Banana Rag (June 1973 and May 1975); a mimeographed copy of a zine with hand-written note from Anna to Daniel Spoerri asking him to send a contribution to Vile; a post card invitation for the First International Art meet, held March 30, 1975 in Embarcadero Plaza; flyers for SLUJ Internationale 1974, Vile Magazine, and the First International Hosanna Banana Show with original mailing envelopes; a group of ten double-sided uncirculated postcards; two other oversized flyers; a group of over 20 original and mimeographed flyers, announcements, and sheets, most rubber-stamped Daddaland/A. Banana to verso; and an 8-pg. booklet or zine "Eat a Banana" from "IS" Magazine, Dec 73/Jan 74, stamped Daddaland/A. Banana to back cover. Sold together with a small group of ephemera from photographer and mail artist Pat Tavenner, comprised of a small catalogue "Paper Paintings: A Book of Montages", 12 xeroxed prints, a business card, and 12 photographic postcards including three duplicates; and a small group of ephemera from mail artist Irene Dogmatic, comprised of a 2-page stapled flyer "World's Most Amazing Dog Contest", a typed letter from "The Dogmonic Archives", a xeroxed copy of a prank letter sent to General Mills, four additional xeroxed sheets, two miniature stapled booklets "Dogarithms" and "Cock & Bull Stories", and five photographic postcards, some of which duplicate the imagery from the Pat Tavenner postcards.

Anna Banana is a prolific and important performance artist, writer, small press publisher in the California Bay Area, and prominent member of the international Mail Art movement. She pioneered the "artistamp", a postage-stamp-sized art form. As a publisher, she launched Vile Magazine and the "Banana Rag" newsletter, which later became Artistamp News. She also operated Banana Productions, which published 27 volumes of the International Art Post.

Anna, born Anne Lee Long, began organizing interactive events in Victoria, British Columbia, eventually creating the "Banana Rag" to reach a wider audence. She sent a copy to Vancouver artist Gary Lee Nova, who replied with a list of names, addresses, and image requests of contemporary mail artists. This began Anna's involvement with Mail Art. She legally changed her name to Anna Banana and incorporated it into correspondence with the Mail Art network.

In 1973, Anna moved to San Francisco to join the Bay Area Dadaists, and while working as a typesetter at the Speedprint print shop, printed her first issue of Vile in 1974. In 1975, she organized the "Banana Olympics", in which over 100 contestants dressed up to compete in events like the overhand banana throw. She also participated in various collaborations with Dadaists in sound poetry performances and organized European tours through her Mail Art network, presenting "Futurist Sound" and a film about the Banana Olympics.

In 1981, she returned to Canada, and in subsequent years Anna organized a "Banana Art" event for the Global Television Network, began publication of International Art Post which featured pin-hole perforated sheets consisting of full-color stamps designed by artists, published the Artistamp News, and created the Artistamp Collector's Album, a series of 49 silk-screened binders to house the IAP and Artistamp News, among numerous other publications and events.

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