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V TRE - Vaseline sTREet Fluxus Newspaper, No. 8 (May 1966).

Issue no. 8 of the Fluxus newspaper, 4 pp., folded twice, edited by George Maciunas, the front cover with a background image of cobblestones announcing a "street cleaning event" with the Hi-Red Center Japanese art collective at Grand Army Plaza, the second page announcing a hotel event, also with Hi-Red Center, at the Waldorf Astoria with the instruction to "bring your own towel" and "inquire for room booked by Fluxus", page three with a contribution by Wolf Vostell, and the back cover with a catalogue listing of items available to order from the "Flux Shop", including everything from stamps, puzzles, and playing cards to rocks, mechanical instruments, "rain machines", surgical kits, and even a "tactile human body" from A-Yo. 56 x 43 cm., original self-wrpps., printed in black on white paper. Very minor age-toning, otherwise very good. New York (Fluxus Editions) 1966.

A single issue of the Fluxus newspaper, 4 pp., folded twice, edited by George Maciunas,

Fluxfest Presents Hi-Red Center Street Cleaning Event at Grand Army Plaza.

The Hi-Red Center Japanese art collective was founded in May 1963 and consisted of Genpei Akasegawa, Natsuyuki Nakanishi, and Jiro Takamatsu. They organized and performed "anti-establishment happenings", primarily operating within the streets of Tokyo. They held their first street-cleaning event during the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games, doing performative and futile cleaning of the streets of Ginza with tools such as cotton balls, surgical sponges, toothbrushes, and toothpicks. The original event was meant to criticize how the Japanese government had quickly beautified and modernized Tokyo in order to present the city as economically advanced after World War II.
Through the group's affiliation with Fluxus, versions of the happening were staged twice in the United States, but without reference to the original context. George Maciunas organized an American edition of "Cleaning Event" in New York in 1965, and then again at Fluxfest in 1966, performed by the students of Robert Watts and Geoffrey Hendricks.

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