Dream House Performance Poster.

Poster for the installation performance Dream House at The Kitchen on Wooster Street in New York City, "a time installation measured by a continuous frequency environment in sound and light with singing and instrumental performances" by The Theatre of Eternal Music, an avant-garde musical group formed by Young, running from April 28 through May 5, 1974, the environment open for free during selected hours with specific scheduled performances for a $2 admission fee. 36 x 28.5 cm. Offset black-and-white lithograph, folded across center line, very good copy. New York, 1974. Together with six monthly programming sheets from The Kitchen, for November 1973 through April 1974, including exhibitions, performances, and installations from Noel Harding, Robert Kushner, Nam June Paik, John Cage, Barbara Buckner, Yoshimasa Wada, Joan Jonas, Philip Glass, and Dream House/The Theater of Eternal Music, among many others. 42 x 14 cm. Folded once, all in very good condition. New York, 1973-1974.

Dream House was a sound and light installation, and occasional performance venue, created by minimalist composter La Monte Young and multimedia artist Marian Zazeela. It consists of a continuous sine wave composition by Young paired with lighting by Zazeela, coming from filtered light and light sculptures. Young's original description of the concept envisioned "Dream Houses [that] will allow music which, after a year, ten years, a hundred years of constant sound" which "would not only be a real living organism with a life and tradition of its own, but one with a capacity to propel itself by its own momentum." Artforum referred to Dream House as a "landmark conceptual artwork", and the New York Times called it an "urban refuge".
Dream House was originally conceived of in the 1960's and was created in the loft that Young and Zazeela shared on Church Street in New York City, and has gone through several iterations since then, in various locations. The public premiere of Dream House was in Munich in 1969, and the work has been installed since then at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Dream Festival in SoHo, a mercantile warehouse on Harrison Street, and at other locations in Stockholm, Kassel, and Cologne.

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