Concrete Poetry

Arlington Quadro: Quadlog.

The fourth issue of Arlington magazine, a standalone unpaginated (circa 180 pp.) anthology of British and Portuguese concrete poetry and related work which also served as a catalogue to accompany one of the most significant concrete poetry exhibitions of the 1960s, held from August 3rd to mid-September, 1968, containing original contributions, some in color, photographs of exhibits, and brief background information on the poets and their work. Illustrated profusely throughoug, including some folding illustrations, on various paper stock and an original rubber-stamped page by Cavan McCarthy as his contribution to the catalogue. Oblong 8vo., 18 x 23 cms. Stiff illustrated wrpps. with cover illustration by dsh, with blue plastic clasp binding. Slight age toning to cover, overall very good condition. Sherborne, Dorset, England (South Street Publications) 1968.

The exhibition was organized by E.M. de Melo e Castro from Portugal and Charles Verey from England. Contributors included the organizers along with Ian Breakwell, Simon Cutts, Thomas A. Clark, Bob Cobbing, Ken Cox, DSH (Dom Sylvester Houedard), Tom Edmonds, Ian Hamilton Finlay, John Furnival, John Hall, Roy Hewish, Brian Lane, Liliane Lijn, Andrew Lloyd, Peter Mayer, Cavan McCarthy, Stuart Mills, Edwin Morgan, Hayden Murphy, Tom Phillips, John J. Sharkey, Trevor Wells, Abilio, Antonio Aragao, Ana Hatherly, Jose-Alberto Marques, and Jose Viale Moutinho.
The catalogue contains a brief introduction by dsh which mentions "the debt british poetry owes to portugal - in 1962 the times literary supplement in its number dated may 25 published the historic letter signed e.m. de melo e castro that entitles him to be some sort of grandfather figure - it was as a direct result if [sic] this letter that ian hamilton finlay & edwin morgan in scotland & myself in england became the first in these islands to realize the importance & immense possibilities of concrete."
A visually arresting catalogue from a groundbreaking concrete poetry exhibition.

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