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Solidarnośċ z Afganistanem [Solidarity with Afganistan].

IWC: Inicjatywa walki czynnej [Active fighting initiative]. Ca. 1985. Original envelope measuring 15.75 × 11 cm, with original prints to recto and verso in black and green. Very good.

A Solidarity-issued envelope with a laconic design symbolizing the friendship between Polish and Afghani anti-communist opposition, likely printed in 1985. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan began in 1979, with Soviet troops entering the country to support the Afghan communist government which requested backup. The Polish anti-communist opposition saw natural allies in the Afghan fighters, similarly fighting their own communist government backed by the Soviet Union. The proceeds from the sale of such envelopes went to support the Afghan fighters. Possibly designed by one Jerzy Lakutowicz, who also created a set of solidarity postage stamps in support of Afghanistan in 1985-1986.

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