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1970s and 1980s Anarchist Comics

Anarchy Comics. No. 1 (1978) through No. 4 (1987) (all published).

Berkeley, California: Last Gasp, 1978-1987. Issue no. 1 a third-edition reprint from 1988. 25.5 x 17.5 cm. Original colorful illustrated side-stapled wrappers. Issues unpaginated: 32, 32, 46, and 40 pages. Overall fine condition.

A complete run in four issues of the underground comic, edited by American author, underground cartoonist, and Bijou Funnies member Jay Kinney. Anarchy Comics combined anarchist politics with an underlying punk sensibility. Its contributors came from the United States and Europe, including France, England, Germany, and the Netherlands. The writers and artists whose work is featured in these pages includes Jay Kinney, Melinda Gebbie, Spain (Manuel Rodriguez), Gilbert Shelton, Epistolier, Volny, M. Trublin, Peter Pontiac, Paul Mavrides, Spud Silber, M. Tsetung, Dohrn, Steve Stiles, Sharon Rudahl, Albo Helm, Clifford Harper, Steve Lafler, Gerd Seyfried, Gary Panter, Dave Lester, Norman Dog, and Byron Werner.

A note inside the front cover of the first issue reads, "This comic began as a whimsical idea a year ago - but as the idea caught fire it has come together amazingly fast. All of the work in this issue has been inspired by - or base on - anarchist ideas and history. As it becomes increasing clear that the real 'terrorists' are not a few isolated leftists but are the governments and corporations of this world who hold us hostage with their armaments, militaries & intelligence activities, anarchism becomes more & more relevant!"

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