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Flux-Harspichord. New Realization & Pieces By: George Brecht, Dick Higgins, Ichiyanagi, Joe Jones, Knowles, Maciunas, Nam June Paik, Larry Miller, Tomas Schmit, Y. Tone, Y. Wada, Watts, La Monte Young.

Single sheet offset lithograph flyer advertising a Fluxus music performance held at 80 Wooster Street in Soho, on March 24, 1975, with participation from many well-known Fluxus artists, utilizing the harpsichord in new and unusual ways, with graphic design by George Maciunas reproducing an antique engraving. 4to. Lithograph on green paper, extremely slight toning along edges. New York (Anthology Film Archives) n.d. (1975).

The neglected and largely vacant 19th century loft buildings scattered around Soho were undergoing big changes beginning in the 1960s. George Maciunas saw lots of potential in the lofty buildings, and is quoted as saying, "Normally the artist requires long unbroken spaces with high ceilings and adequate illumination and these needs can only be met by commercial lofts." In 1967, through his Fluxhouse Cooperatives, Inc., Maciunas purchased Nos. 80-82 Wooster Street from the Miller Paper Company family and created Soho's first artists' co-op on the upper floors, even though the building was not supposed to be used as a residential space. Downstairs, filmmaker Jonas Mekus laid out plains for a theater. In 1968, the Ford Foundation announced a grant to "convert the building into a 225-seat theater for the showing of experimental and avant-garde films, add space for archives and for the uses of the Film Culture magazine staff", and for activities of the experimental film group headed by Jonas Mekus, Stan Brakhage, and Andy Warhol. In 1974 the space became home to Anthology Film Archives, which held weekly screenings as well as live performance art. As of November 2021, this flyer is not listed separately on OCLC, although we are aware of two institutional holdings in North America.

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