Pantabox 69.

Collection of approximately 33 works of art, concrete and visual poetry, photography, typography, and design from a number of noted modern and conceptual artists, mostly printed items, including a signed photograph by Carlfriedrich Claus and a numbered and signed work by Peter Mayer, and additional booklets, typed sheets, small slips of paper, and portfolios, all together issued as a boxed collection by Edizioni TOOL. Overall excellent condition. Various sizes. Works loose as issued, housed in a cardboard box (36 × 26 × 3 cm) covered with colorful printed paper, some very minor soiling and toning to box. Milan (Edizioni TOOL) 1970.

The complete list of artists whose work is included here is: Mario Diacono, Annalisa Alloatti, Mirella Bentivoglio, Michele Perfetti, Paul de Vree, Bob Cobbing, Robert Lax, Jean-Claude Moineau, Hugo Mund, Carlfriedrich Claus, Carrega, Peter Mayer, Gergorio Scalise, Hans Clavin, Gerald Rocher, Herman de Vries, Ian Breakwell, Julien Blaine, Joseph Di Donato, Fernando Millan, Francisco Zabala, Getulio Alviani, Luigi Gorra, Mario Casamassima, Mariagrazia Agosti, Luisito, Robert Cyprich, Marcello Landi, Vincenzo Accame, and Tomaso Kemeny.
Pantabox 69 was issued with a poster reproducing the text and artwork on the outside of the box, which also contains a listing of the artists included in this edition. Jochen Gerz, Ugo Locatelli, and Branizlava Jancia are included in the artist list but no works by these three artists are found in this particular collection. The text also specifies that each artist has sent their own work to participate in the curation of this collection.
Many of the works are contained on a single sheet. However, some of the artists are represented by more extensive works. Jean-Claude Moineau's contribution is a booklet, "Exemplaire", which contains eight pages of white paper, each with six perforated circles. Luigi Gorra's "Erba" contains a plastic bag full of grass seed. Tomaso Kemeny's "Quando" is an entire book of poetry. Joseph Di Donato has a portfolio of "9 Action Poems". And Mirella Bentivoglio and Annalisa Alloatti have collaborated on "Storia del Monumento", a portfolio with several evolving concrete poetry prints.
A scarce curated edition of contemporary art; as of November 2021, OCLC locates four holdings worldwide, two of which are found in North American institutions.

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