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grOnk Series 3: The Big Mid-July grOnk Mailout.

Incomplete collection of the third series of the Canadian concrete poetry publication edited by bpNichol, David UU, and Bill Bissett, comprised of three-page typed and stapled introduction on yellow, blue, and pink paper stock listing contents, news items, letters, and announcements of other publications and productions, a small pamphlet "Gerry Carrier - Instructions" by Gerry Gilbert, a portrait of Nelson Ball by Barbara Caruso, a stapled booklet "Nights on Prose Mountain" by bpNichol, and a series of typewriter poems by Hart Broudy. Various sizes, overall 4to. Contents loose as issued. Some creasing of paper, slight browning, minor tears to Broudy envelope, overall good. Toronto (Ganglia Press) 1969.

bpNichol established Ganglia Magazine in 1965, published by Ganglia Press, which in turn published grOnk with David Aylward and Rob Hindley-Smith. In the Ganglia Press Index of 1972, Nichol writes, "...somewhere in 66 i met dave UU for the first time. he & i & rob (nee rah) smith decided it'd be nice to publish a monthly mag of concrete & related poetries & distribute it free so we invited dave aylward along for the ride launching the first issue of grOnk in january of 67."
The same Ganglia Press Index lists 8 items which were to have been a part of the series 3 mailing, although the typewritten sheet which accompanied this particular issue only lists 5, corresponding to items 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 from the index, along with some "additional goodies". We here have one of two items from #3, one of two items from #4, and #6. Numbers 5 and 7 are not included in this group, although also present are Hart Broudy's "C Poems", 4 unsigned visual typewriter poems on heavyweight paper stock composed entirely of the letter "c", with original envelope, which correspond to grOnk Series 4, Number 2 and are listed under the "additional goodies" heading.
As of November 2021, OCLC does not show any listings for Gronk Series 3, but some of the contents are listed separately. Overall a scarce collection from an ephemeral concrete poetry publication.

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