Czech Graphic Design – Baťa Company

Publisher's ad broadside for: "Baťa, Neue Wege" (1928) by Anton Cekota.

Býstřice pod Hostýnem: L. Klabusay Ges. m.b.H., [1928]. Single leaf, measuring 30 × 22 cm, printed to recto. Old horizontal and vertical folds; very faint creasing and tiny nick to right margin; still about very good.

Appealing broadside advertising the appearance of Anton Cekota's book in German about Tomáš Baťa's socio-economic program on September 11, 1928. Baťa (1876-1932) was the founder of the Bata Corporation. Originally based in Moravian Zlín, the company is today a large multi-national concern and the largest producer of shoes worldwide by volume. Under Baťa's direction, Zlín was transformed into a major center of functionalist architecture, and became especially known for the large functionalist factory workers' settlements. His larger-than-life capitalist ambitions were a source of enormous fascination, but he was also subject to criticism for working conditions and the almost dystopian magnitude of his enterprise. The design is not attributed. The survival of this ephemeral broadside itself is a testament to the fascination Baťa held and continues to hold.

Book ID: 51786