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Collection of World War II-era Papers and Newsletters from the USS General W.G. Haan.

Small group of papers and documents affiliated with the USS General W.G. Haan, a WWII-era Navy transport ship, likely collected by a serviceman, including: three single-sheet issues of the on-board ship bulletin "Haan Our Way - Frisco Bound", from a voyage in early December 1946 returning troops to San Francisco from Yokohama, as well as the final/souvenir issue from this voyage, dated December 10, 1946; a listing of the ship's officers and the Haan Our Way staff; a 17-pp. stapled guide booklet "The Land of Japan", including information on the Japanese geography, currency, vocabulary, labor, taxes, fishing, army, cities, architecture, industry, railroads, roads, rivers, and communications, with discussion questions; a daily bulletin from December 10, 1946 which includes the uniform protocol for debarkation and a farewell message from the Transport Commander; a certificate from the "Imperial Domain of the Golden Dragon - Ruler of the 180th Meridian", which notes the initiation of the USS General W.G. Haan and its officers and crew into the "silent mysteries of the Far East" by order of the "Golden Dragon, Ruler of the 180th Meridian", likely commemorating the crossing of the Prime Meridian, with a blank space to write a soldier's name; and an issue of "Army Talk - Orientation Fact Sheet", No. 86, 25 August 1945, printed by the War Department in Washington, DC regarding the situation in Japan, reparations, and future outcomes, with discussion guides and questions. Also included in this grouping is an issue of The News Buoy, Vol. 1, No. a, October 19, 1945, no ship listed, possibly printed on board the USS Shipley Bay. Various sizes, mostly 4to. and tall 4to. Some browning, small scattered tears, missing staples, overall good condition. Various, 1945-1946.

The USS General W.G. Haan was a Squier-class transport ship, launched and commissioned in 1945. After the Japanese surrender, the ship's first voyage was to the southwest Pacific to bring American veterans back to the United States. It made two subsequent repatriation voyages as a Navy ship in 1945 and 1946, to Japan and the Philippines, before being decommissioned by the Navy in June 1946. The ship was returned to the War Shipping Administration in 1946 for use in the Army Transport Service.

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