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Daily Devil, vol. I, no. 2–6, 8–9, 11, and an unnumbered souvenir issue dated February 1947.

SS Marine Devil: self-published, 1947. Quartos (32 × 25.5 to 40 × 27.5 cm). Original staple-stitched self-wrappers; ca. 4–6 pp. per issue of mimeographed typescript to rectos and versos. Some toning and creasing; scattered ink annotations; overall very good.

Significant run of this newsletter published on board the SS Marine Devil as it transported troops to Jinsen (Inchon), Korea, with articles about news stories such as the release of British hostages by Jewish underground extremists, a plan for unifying the Army and Navy, a train derailment, and Polish elections; columns like "Noon Poop" with details of the voyage and "Satan Says" regarding life on board the transport ship; sports updates; interviews with troops on board the ship; a welcome aboard from the transport commander; cartoons; and some information on what to expect after arriving in Korea.

The SS Marine Devil was a C4-class War Shipping Administration troop transport ship. It was launched as a cargo ship in 1943 and was operated by the United Fruit Co. during World War II, traveling to Southampton, Le Havre, Marseilles, Colombo, Calcutta, Manila, and Inchon during the last years of the war. According to the souvenir issue, this was the ship's 19th voyage and its sixth trip overall to "the Orient", with four trips to Korea and two to Japan. By the end of this voyage, the SS Marine Devil would have carried 65,000 troops.

Issue no. 11 provides the soldiers on board the ship with some information prior to their arrival in Korea. “Compared to American Seaports, the Port of Jinsen will undoubtedly be very disappointing. The port itself is small and shallow; it will be unable to accommodate the Devil… After reaching the beach the troop will be taken by train to the staging area about 20 miles away. From this area we will be assigned to our regular outfits.”

The souvenir issue contains daily updates from the voyage, including sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge upon leaving San Francisco, some rough seas, sightings of Black-footed Albatrosses, coming upon an empty life raft in the water on the ninth day at sea, crossing the International Date Line, seasickness, and finally coming into view of land. The back page of this issue features a cartoon map of the voyage from San Francisco to Korea, and stapled to the back is a small green credit card-sized certificate from the Domain of the Golden Dragon, acknowledging the crossing of the International Date Line by a soldier on board the Devil.

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