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Collection of 1930's German Communist Propaganda Pamphlets.

Small archive of 14 Communist propaganda pamphlets and single journal issues from the Weimar Republic, dating to the early 1930s, discussing controversial or divisive topics such as abortion, socialism, Marxism, and Adolf Hitler, ranging from 16 to 56 pages, not illustrated. 8vo., most approximately 21.5 x 15.2 cm. Original printed wrpps., some with illustrations. Scattered wear, minor toning, some slight edgewear, a few pamphlets with small tears or losses to front covers, overall very good. Various, circa 1931-1932.

One of the pamphlets in this collection is titled "Kampfkomitee Gegen § 218: Reden und Aufsätze zum Fall Wolf-Kienle", and was printed in Stuttgart in 1931. It contains speeches and essays by Dr. Friedrich Wolf, Dr. Lothar Wolf, Dr. Hodann, Dr. med. A. Breuninger, Prof. Felix Halle, and Ottomar Geschke, MDR, speaking out against Section 218 of the Penal Code for the German Reich which outlawed abortion. This pamphlet dates to a period when discussions led to a reduction in the maximum penalty for abortion and when abortion was decriminalized in cases of grave danger to the mother's life.
Another pamphlet titled "Los Von Hitler" dates to 1932 and was published by the Kampfbund gegen den Faschismus, an anti-fascist organization within the Communist Party of Germany (KPD). This organization was founded in 1930 and quickly banned three years later, at the start of the Nazi regime. This anti-Nazi pamphlet seeks to warn the reader about the Nazi Party, the crimes committed against opponents of the Nazis, and the tensions that existed between the SA and the SS.
Additional pamphlets include "Kulturkrise und kein Ausweg", Georg Decker's "Kommen wir zum Sozialismus", Hermann Remmele's "Kommunismus die einzige Rettung", "Kampf um die Scholle: Das Bauernhilfsprogramm der KPD", "Durch Rote Einheit Zur Macht - Heinz Neumanns Abrechnung mit der Politik des sozialdemokratischen Parteivorstandes", and "Wer Hilft Dir?"
Also included in this collection are the following issues:
Der Marxist: Blätter der Marxistischen Arbeiterschule, Jahrg. 1, Nr. 1 (Sommer 1931).
Der Agitator, Jahrg. 1, Heft 5/6 (August/September 1931) and Jahrg. 1, no number, September 1931.
Der Propagandist, Jahrg. 2, Heft 9 (September 1931).
MASCH Marxistische Arbeiterschule, Schul-Jarh 1931/1932 and 1932/1933.

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