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Året 1968, den 28. November kl. 15.30, Indledtes Dette Byggeprojekt, der er Udført af Kunstnerne Eric Andersen, George Brecht og Arthur Køpcke...

Unpag. (40 pp.) volume with text in English and Danish, containing proposals for fantastical and abstract building projects by three well-known Fluxus artists to be completed in 284 years, based on a formula of financial backing and interest accrued, including a "Love Room" pneumatic cupola and polarized mirrored glass to be placed on the premises of the Ministry of Greenland in Copenhagen, table of interest per annum. Illustrated throughout with maps, sketches, and reproductions from photographs. Square 8vo. Orig. printed wrpps., overall very good. n.p. (Copenhagen) 1968.

Andersen, Brecht, and Køpcke were all well-known members of the Fluxus movement. Andersen took part in early Fluxus concerts, and his performances depended on public interaction. In the late 1960s he turned to mail art and then to art focusing on geographical spaces. Brecht was a conceptual artist best known for his avant-garde compositions, and was one of the originators of "participatory art". Køpcke worked in the areas of literature, painting, and object, conceptual, and performance art, and in 1957 opened a gallery in Copenhagen which focused on Fluxus and Nouveau Réalisme and was a center of the avant-garde scene in Denmark for several years. As of February 2022 locates two institutional holdings in North America and we are aware of a third.

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