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La Société Sans Classes a Trouvé Ses Artistes. Vive l'Internationale Situationniste!

Single page flyer, printed recto and verso, presenting the text of the "Adresse de l'Internationale Situationniste" directed towards the Assemblée Générale de l'Association Internationale des Critiques d'Art, held on April 14, 1958 at the Exposition Universelle in Brussels, speaking out against art critics and co-signed by members of the Internationale Situationniste representing the nations and areas of Algeria (Abdelhafid Khatib), Germany (Hans Platschek), Belgium (Walter Korun), France (Guy Debord), Italy (Giuseppe Pinot-Gallizio), and Scandinavia (Asger Jorn). Some slight browning, minor creasing along original horizontal fold line, very good. 8vo., 31.6 x 23 cm. Brussels, 1958.

The text of this leaflet contains a violent attack aginst art critics and was released two days before an international gathering of art critics at the world's fair in Brussels. The address was partially reproduced in the first issue of Internationale Situationniste, which was published later in 1958. There it was stated that this Situationist pamphlet was distributed in variety of ways. Approximately 30 copies were mailed to art critics, another group was handed out directly to critics, and some critics were called personally on the phone and read the text of the address. Additionally, a group representing the Situationists forced their way into the Press Club, where the critics were gathered, and threw leaflets out among the audience. Lastly, approximately 1000 copies of the leaflet were thrown out onto sidewalks from a fifth floor window. As a result, some Situationist International members were faced with legal charges. (Catalogued with the assistance of Situationnisteblog.wordpress.com, a post from June 4, 2015 on this leaflet). Scarce; as of February 2022, we could find a record of only one holding in a North American library.

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