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Polish Anti-Communist Happenings – Pomarańczowa Alternatywa

Solidarność młodych. Pismo młodych robotnikow, studentow i ucznow szkol średnich [Young solidarity. A magazine of the young workers, university and high school students]. Nr. 4.

Radom: self-published, 1989. Octavo (21 × 14.8 cm). Single leaf, folded once, [4] pp. of offset-reproduced typescript and photographs in reduced size. Very good.

An illustrated special issue of this monthly journal of the eponymous youth group, founded in 1981 by anti-Communist activist high school students in Gdańsk. Solidarność młodych (Young solidarity) conducted self-education activities, printed pamphlets and organized actions alongside Poland’s first independent workers’ union Solidarność. Organizers of the group were arrested in 1984, bringing their activities to a halt. Many subsequently joined Solidarność, resuming their publishing activities with journals such as this one. This issue is dedicated to the Orange Alternative of Radom (Radomska Pomarańczowa Alternatywa) and describes the happening organized on March 31, 1989 called “Scieżka zdrowia” (The health path), a reference to a method of torture used often on political activists. The cover illustration shows a simulation of this method of torture, where prisoners were made to run down a narrow path surrounded by officers of the Civilian Militia and Security Services who would hit the prisoners with their batons. The most famous case of this method of torture took place in Radom in 1976.

Pomarańczowa Alternatywa [Orange Alternative], was an anti-communist, quasi-political performance art movement which reached its peak of activity in 1985–1989. Originating in Wrocław and spreading to Łódź, Warsaw, Gdansk and other cities, the Orange Alternative resonated especially well with students and young people who were drawn to the humorous and anarchic mass happenings, installations and stencil art organized by the local cells of the movement.

As of March 2022 this issue is not found in KVK, OCLC, which show only one copy of no. 1 at Bonn.

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