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Polish Resistance During WWII – Polish Home Army

Insurekcja [Insurrection]. Nos. 2, 5– 9 (1942); 1– 2, 4–6, 8 (1943).

Warsaw: [AK], 1942–1943. Octavos (16 × 11.5 cm). Modern brown buckram boards; typically 16 pp. per issue, bound in a single volume. Occasional illustrations from photographs, maps, graphs, and one foldout chart. Small private collection stamp with initials "TZWW" to last page of every issue; else about very good.

A significant run (12 issues out of 39 published) of this underground journal of the Home Army (Armia Krajowa, AK), the Polish underground army which mounted a resistance against the German occupation during WWII. Published monthly and distributed to junior officers of AK, the issues contained training information, articles on current military events as well as historical battles. Colonel Jan Rzepecki (1899–1983) was the founding editor, with the issues in this collection edited by Mieczysław Biernacki (1891–1959), who took over as the editor-in-chief of the publication from January 1942 until the final issue in June of 1944, just before the Warsaw Uprising. The underground press had an enormous impact on life in occupied Poland, upholding morale and distributing information, as well as providing training materials such as this journal for military personnel. Nearly every underground organization had its own publication, with over 600 underground publications in circulation by 1944. (See: Lucjan Dobroszycki ed. Central catalog of the Polish underground press 1939-1945. Warsaw, 1962). Due to clandestine, low-cost production and wartime distribution, few issues of Insurekcja seem to have survived, most held by Polish libraries.

As of May 2022, KVK, OCLC show issues only at the Hoover Institution.

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