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Satirical Prohibition Envelopes

"Jury Report on Prohibition" Historical Postal Covers.

[np, circa 1930]. Twelve postal envelopes measuring 9.2 x 16.5 cm each. Loose as issued. Very light occasional dust-staining, very good condition.

This collection of twelve unused satirical postal covers comprise a complete series titled "Jury Report on Prohibition". Each envelope contains a caricature of a juror (eleven men and one woman) accompanied by their job title and a made-up satirical quotation, depicting a panel of supposed jurors for a trial regarding the violation of prohibition laws. All of the depicted caricatures benefited from Prohibition in some fashion.

The first juror is described as a "professional reformer" and foreman of the jury", who was an important factor in past campaigns such as "The Anti-Smoking Crusade" and "The Motorless Sabbath League". Juror No. 2 is described as a Resort Proprietor: "I run a roadhouse and don't pay nothing to the Government....The old man made just a livin': me, I'm making a Pile."
The quote for Juror No. 3, a "Candidate for Office", reads in part "The Dry Voters are organized, and the Organized Vote wins Primaries...Am I personally a teetotaler? Ahm-m-m, well, now, a-hem - that question is hardly pertinent!" Juror No. 4 is described as a "dry farmer", and his quote is about homemade wine and hard cider.
Juror No. 5, a night club hostess, is the only woman included in the group. The beginning of her quote reads, "Hello, Suckers! We're all strong for Prohibition, and HOW! Ever see so merry a party as this? The cheap liquors of the old days didn't produce half so great a kick." Juror No. 6, a bell hop, describes how he gets better tips for procuring the "Good Stuff" for guests. Juror No. 7, a politician, is "pro-Prohibition because there's Dough in it for me, directly and indirectly."
Juror No. 8 is a bootlegger who has "been in the business for twelve years, and things are going along better than ever." Juror No. 9 is a grape grower who says "Ever since da Prohibish, I get a good a price for da grape - two time, three time so much as before de war."
Juror No. 10, a machine gun dealer, learned about "these sweet-shootin' babies" in the Army, and now gets paid "Real Dough" to teach bootleggers and racketeers how to operate machine guns. Juror No. 11, a chemist, gets highly paid for "combatting poisons with science." And lastly, Juror No. 12 is a racketeer who says, "Prohibition give us our Big Chancst."

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Price: $1,500.00