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Portuguese Experimental Poetry

Filula folha de sangue: objecto poemático de efeito progressivo [Filula leaf of blood: a poetic object with a progressive effect].

[Portugal: self-published], 1962. Square sheet of text to recto and verso, measuring 20 × 20 cm, with eight increasingly narrow leaves or strips of text on top, on green and white stock of light green and white. About very good.

Concrete poetry artist's book composed of one square sheet of text to recto and verso, with eight increasingly narrow leaves, with alternating hues of light green and white. As one leaves, the strips, they grow wider and text is arranged in dynamic layouts, producing a striking visual effect.

The artist was the engineer, poet, essayist, writer and sculptor E. M. de Melo e Castro (1932-2020), who was instrumental in the development of experimental poetry in Portugal. His artistic practice was "accompanied by a systematic theorization about language and communication technologies. In his extensive work, multiple practices and experimental forms intersect: the graphic and graphic explosion that combines the fragmentation of the word with the spatialization of alphabetic writing and geometric design; the three-dimensional object-poem and the installation; the intermediate recombination of writing, sound and moving image; the performance that inscribes the author's bodily, vocal and gestural presence in social practices and communication techniques; the theorization of the poem as a device for discourse criticism in the saturated universe of the media" (Manuel Portela, "E. M. de Melo e Castro [Biografia)."

As of July 2022, KVK, OCLC only show a copy in Portugal. The object is also held by the Gulbenkian Art Library.

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