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Ukrainian POWs in Germany

Pro tyfy: cherevnyi, pliamystyi ta povorotnyi, z maliunkami [About typhus: paratyphoid, spotted and epidemic typhus, with illustrations]. Zakhodom "Prosvitnoho Viddilu Ukrains'koi Viis'kovoi Misii" [Published by the "Education Department of the Ukrainian Military Mission"]. Biblioteka "Shliakh", ch. 8 ["Path" Library, vol. 8, series title].

Salzwedel: Nakladom Ukrain'skoi Viis'kovoi Misii, 1920. Octavo (17.8 × 13.3 cm). Original side-stapled printed wrappers; 48 pp. Good or better; from the library of A. A. Granovsky with his stamp and inventory number; later duplicate stamp; light overall wear and foxing; small chip to rear wrapper, not affecting text.

Published by the education department of the Ukrainian Military Mission, this educational pamphlet about different kinds of typhus was published for the benefit of Ukrainian prisoners of war in and near the camp at Salzwedel, Germany. The Salzwedel camp was one of three (in addition to Rastatt and Wetzlar) created at the behest of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine, which housed some 50,000 Ukrainian prisoners from among the estimated 300,000 Ukrainian prisoners from the former Russian Empire which were held in German camps by the end of WWI. (See the Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine, "Prisoner of war camps"). The Military and Sanitary Mission of the Ukrainian People's Republic was tasked with repatriating Ukrainian POWs, among other places from Germany. In addition to organizing their evacuation and providing basic sustenance, the Mission was also tasked with basic educational and information services in the camps.

We are unable to find information about the "Shliakh" series, but a pamphlet held by the University of Manitoba suggests that the first volume appeared in Berlin in 1919.

On publishing in the three Ukrainian camps in Germany, see: M. H. Palienko and I. V. Sribniak, "Knyzhkovyi rukh u taborakh polonenykh boiakiv-ukraintsiv u Nimechchyni pid chas pershoi svitovoi viiny" (2020). For more on the work of the Mission in Germany, see O. V. Molchanova, "Repatriatsiia polonenykh ta internovanykh voiakiv-ukraintsiv z Nimechchyny u 1919-1920 rr" (2015).

As of July 2022, KVK, OCLC show two copies, both in North America.

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