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Drafts for an Unpublished Novel – Émigré Literature

Two original typescript drafts of chapters for Ladinsky’s unpublished novel "Liudi bez rodiny" (People without a homeland).

First edition. Dresden, 1952. Two original typescripts, one on green stock (seven stapled leaves of typescript to rectos and versos) and one on regular stock (13 pp. of typescript to rectos and versos, with trace of paper clip to upper left corner), both with occasional corrections in ink. With a letter to one Evgenii Ermilovich dated March 1961 (single leaf of typescript to recto and verso, signed and corrections in ink). Good or better; a overall toning and foxing.

Antonin Ladinskii (1896–1961) was a Russian poet of the first wave of the emigration who fought in General Denikin's Volunteer Army during the Civil War. In Paris he became one of the organizers of the “Union of Young Poets and Writers” and was personally close to Ivan Bunin and loosely affiliated to the poets of the "Parisian note." He developed a sudden interest in Socialism in the late 1930s and began to petition for re-entry into the Soviet Union. After 1950, he lived and worked in Dresden, and in 1955 he was finally granted permission to return to Moscow. There, he fully dedicated himself to his literary work, writing his memoirs (such as "Reminiscences about Paris" - "Parizhskie vospominaniia"), essays and articles, and the novel "Liudi bez rodiny" (People without a homeland), about the sense of alienation experienced by Russians in exile. After another recently returned White emigre, Lev Liubimov (1904–1976) published his novel "Na chuzhbine" (In a foreign land), Ladinsky considered his own work deprived of relevance and it remained unpublished. Nevertheless, as evidenced by the enclosed letter to an unidentified friend abroad, his historical novels became real bestsellers and he enjoyed a certain reputation in his native Russia.

The present group includes:

1. "Liudi, u kotorykh net rodiny" [People who do not have a homeland]. Draft for a first chapter (I glava/nabrosok). Seven leaves of typescript to rectos and versos; occasional handwritten corrections; light toning and foxing.

2. "Bez rodiny" [Without a homeland]. Draft for a second chapter (nabroski/Glava 2). Seven side-stapled leaves of typescript to rectos and versos, on green stock. First leaf detached; light wear and fraying; still good.

3. Typewritten letter signed to a friend of the author's, one Evgenii Ermilovich, dated March 4, 1961, with ink inscription and signature at end. Single folded leaf, occasional handwritten corrections; some soiling. The letter is addressed to a friend living abroad. Ladinskii mentions his work and recent success, and refers to some of his other novels, such as V dni Karakally (In the days of Caracalla), Anna Iaroslavna – koroleva Frantsii (Anna Yaroslavna - The Queen of France), Poslednii put Vladimira Monomakha (The last journey of Vladimir Monomakh).

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