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Avant-Garde Architecture

International Dialogue of Experimental Architecture (IDEA).

Folkestone, England: New Metropole Arts Centre, 1966. Octavo (25 x 18.5 cm). Original bright yellow printed side-stapled wrappers. Unpaginated (23 pp.), profusely illustrated throughout with black-and-white illustrations. Near mint condition.

This slim exhibition catalogue was released in conjunction with a two-day symposium held at the New Metropole Arts Centre from June 6-30, 1966. With a focus on experimental architecture, the exhibition was co-organized by the British Architectural Students Association and Archigram, an avant-garde architectural group that was "neofuturistic, anti-heroic, and pro-consumerist". The event attracted approximately 500 architects, artists, students, and critics, and this accompanying catalogue features concepts for experimental and avant-garde buildings from a variety of artists and designers.

Curated by Derek Paul, the participants and contributors included Cedric Price and the Potteries Thinkbelt; Hans Hollein; Joseph Weber; Ionel Schein; Arthur Quarmby; the Archigram Group (represented by Warren Chalk, Peter Cook, Dennis Crompton, David Greene, Ron Herron, and Michael Webb); Groupe Architecture Principe (represented by Michel Carrade, Morice Lipsi, Claude Parent, Paul Virilio); Yona Freidman; R. Buckminster Fuller and the World Design Science group; Frei Otto; Reyner Banham; the Metabolists of Japan (Noriaki Kurokawa, Kiyonori Kikutake, Fumihiko Maki, Masato Ohtaka, Noboru Kawazoe, Arata Isozai, and Kenzo Tange); Paul Soleri; Josef Weber; and Eckhard Schultz-Fielitz.

The catalogue contains a mission statement for the symposium: "The situation in architecture has reached a crisis point at which thinking architects find themselves taking sharply divergent paths away from the security of the Modern Movement....The constraint of the single layer, two dimensional urban plan has been exploded and the implications of large structures, grids of connection and the possibility of an interchangeable, throw-away architecture scene is a challenge. The methods and materials of technology are now being seen as catalysts for a new architecture and many serious-minded designers are trying to establish concepts and values in terms of plastics, steel, aluminium and tension-net structures....It was thought important that these architects should meet and discuss their ideas and the latest situation of their work in front of other architects and students...It seemed important to collect together the evidence that this work is international and growing in relevance but is still at a formative stage and it is hoped that there will be a feed-back from the other delegates to the main participants." Scarce institutionally; as of August 2022, OCLC locates four holdings in United States libraries.

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