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Anti-Communist Education – Poland

Szkoła: Dwutygodnik uczniowski [School: the student biweekly], nr. 9–10 (1988).

Wrocław: n.p., 1987-1988. Octavo (21 × 15 cm). Original staple-stitched wrappers; 8-16 pp of offset-reproduced typescript and photographs in reduced size. Very good.

A single issue of an underground student monthly magazine, published by Międzyszkolny Komitet Oporu (Interschool Resistance Committee), a student movement connected to Solidarność, Poland’s first independent workers’ union. A student-led effort, the Committee sought to supplement school education in Poland which they saw as driven by ideology not knowledge. Humorous in tone and illustrated with caricatures, the issues contain articles on the history of Polish resistance to the Communist government, and the Solidarity movement.

Founded by Robert Prus, Rafał Kosmalski, Robert Butwicki, Grzegorz Kondracki, Ryszard Sobolewski, and Wojciech Śliwiński, the group was active in Wrocław 1985–1989. The Committee organized lectures on recent Polish history, created self-education groups and conducted classes for Polish youth, “supplemental” to the classes offered in the schools. The group also printed and distributed informational leaflets and zines such as this one. This magazine is the continuation of Szkoła Podziemna (Underground school) which was published in 1985–1986, until the arrest and detention of the editorial team in 1986. The publication was renamed Szkoła (School) thereafter, eventually becoming a nationally-distributed magazine of the Independent Youth School Union.

As of September 2022 KVK, OCLC show copies at two libraries outside of Poland.

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