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Nonconformist Art in Poland – Łódź Kaliska

Four invitations from 1981–1989 to various events of Łódź Kaliska, a neo-dadaist art collective active from 1979 to this day.

Moja Europa. Andrzej Kwietniewski [My Europe. Andrzej Kwietniewski]. Łódź, 1981. White card measuring 15 × 10.5 cm with text and image printed in black.

Nieme Kino 80-82 [Silent Movie 80-82]. Łódź, 1983. Single leaf measuring 21 × 14.75 cm printed in blue and pink.

Muzeum Kinematografii: Łódź Kaliska [Museum of Cinematography: Łódź Kaliska]. Films and art in other media. Łódź, May 1989. White card measuring 15.5 × 10 cm with hand-drawn illustration and text printed in black.

Miedzynarodowe Sympozium: “10 lat nieporozumień na linii Łódź Kaliska a społeczeństwo” [International Symposium: “10 years of misunderstandings of Łódź Kaliska”]. Łódź, September 1989. Tan card measuring 15 × 10 cm printed in brown.

A collection of leaflets and invitations to various events associated with Łódź Kaliska, a neo-dadaist art collective active from 1979 to this day. Charged with anarchic energy, Łódź Kaliska positioned itself against official state-sanctioned communist art as well as self-seriousness of the neo-avantgarde unofficial art. Art historian Piotr Piotrowski writes: “The concept of anarchism was key for this particular formation since the artists involved were mainly interested in rejecting any form of authority: political (opposition), ideological (nationalism and religion), as well as cultural (institutions and grand art historic narratives). By relying on humor, pastiche, parody and coarse eroticism, their performances and short films were supposed to strip art of its pathos, knock it off its pedestal and tear it out of the frame provided by the historical discourse” (see Art and Democracy in Post-Communist Europe, pp.130-131). In keeping with the group’s principles, most of the members had no formal artistic training. Participants of the group included Marek Janiak, Andrzej Kwietniewski, Adam Rzepecki, Andrzej Świetlik, Andrzej Wielogórski, with Zofia Łuczko joining in 1983.

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