Czech Graphic Design, Photography, and Typography

Typografia: odborný list československých knihtiskařů [Typografia: Technical Journal of Czechoslovak Printers, English title in the printing note]. Group of nine issues from the volumes XXV, XXXI, and XXXIII.

Prague: Typografia, [1914]–1926. Quarto (29.2 × 23.5 and 30.8 × 23.5 cm). Original pictorial wrappers; each ca. 40 pp. With numerous reproductions and some loose supplements on a wide variety of paper stocks, sometimes printed in color, featuring graphic designs of letterheads, dust jackets, magazines, and books. Wrappers of one issue loose and heavily damaged, else about very good.

Nine issues of the very elaboratedly designed and printed monthly journal. Vloemans writes about the magazine: "perhaps the most underestimate modernist periodical of the interwar period in Czechoslovakia. [...] Rather conventional to start with, the journal changed dramatically from year 30 (1923) onwards, in size as well as in contents, including from then on numerous colouered, and typographically designed loose supplements, which have bekome collector's items in themselves." (No. 197.)

In addition to questions of printing technology, the issues available here also deal, for example, with historical publishers and printers, with the art of ex libris, and typography from different countries and times. For example, a treatise on English typography since the 16th century appeared across the numbers. The main focus, however, was on the new Czechoslovak book and its typographic design. But the magazine published texts by graphic designers and typographers that were also read outside Czechoslovakia by representatives of the New Graphic Design. In 1927, for example, Karel Teige published six theses in the magazine on "Moderní typo" (Modern Typography), which were later taken up again by Jan Tschichold. In it, he particularly addressed Moholy-Nagy's theses on the type photo, according to which, in the future, hot metal typesetting will be completely replaced by the photo plate in printing. In this article, Teige already discussed the principles that Tschichold later presented in his standard work "Die neue Typographie: Ein Handbuch für zeitgemäße Schaffende" (The New Typography: A Handbook for Contemporary Creators). Both advocated for a clear structure and geometric arrangement of graphic design. (See Caterina Toschi, Futurism and the Birth of Modern Typography, in: Internationales Jahrbuch für Futurismusforschung, vol. X, Berlin and Boston 2021, p. 211).

The following issues are present in this group: vol. XXV (1914), nos. 4-5 (in one issue); vol. XXXI (1924), nos. 4, 10, 11, 12; vol. XXXIII (1926), nos. 6-7, 8, 9, 10-11 (in four issues).

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