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“Metapoetry” and Sound Art

Collection of 16 small flyers and leaflets promoting auditions and demonstrations.

Paris: Altagor, circa 1940s-1970s. Various sizes, most ca. 10.5 x 14 cm or 21 x 13.5 cm. Loose as issued, on varying paper stocks. Very light toning and scattered foxing; overall about very good.

André Vernier, known as "Altagor" (1915–1992), was an artist, sound poet, painter, musician, composer, and musical instrument inventor who was originally a miner and mechanic and later became vaguely associated with the Lettrist movement. Three of his instrument inventions were the "Pantophone", a stringed bowed instrument; the "Métaphone", which used rubber bands; and the "Plectrophone", which was played with a stick. He wrote a type of poetry called "Métapoésie" using abstract words and onomatopoeia, and a type of visual poetry he called "Parole transformelle" using an invented language.

This group of flyers advertises various performance events, some seeking out participants. The text of one reads, "Je cherche pour l'expression scénique & radiophonique a plusiers voix de mes Odes Symphonistes des interpretes en diction: voix masculines et voix féminines." Another mentions an audition at 13 rue Valette in Paris for Altagor's "Discours Absolu". 6 of the leaflets have printed dates, ranging from 1964 to 1971.

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