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Punk Rock and Hardcore

Exit. Nos. 1 (1984) to 5 (1991) (all published).

A complete run in five issues, 40, 56, 56, 92, 96 pp., of editor and designer George Petros' "outlaw Liberal Fascist Sci Fi Pop Art magazine," with articles, poems, lyrics, and manifestoes by David Paul, Boyd Rice, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Henry Rollins (Black Flag), Lydia Lunch, J.G. Thirwell, Cop Shoot Cop and Adam Parfrey, among others, densely illustrated throughout with a dizzying array of confrontational graphic art (most of it executed exclusively for the serial) encompassing a variety of fringe cultures and movements from industrial and punk rock, the occult, visionary and outsider art, and underground comics to right- and leftwing radical politics and doomsday cults, including works by Raymond Pettibone, Alex Grey, Joe Coleman, Kim Seltzer, S. Clay Wilson, and other seminal underground artists. Small folio. Illustrated wrpps. (some color), some very slight foxing and soiling to cover of first issue. New York, 1984-1991.

The magazine is scarce in institutional libraries, particularly complete runs. Published sporadically, a source tells us that although material was compiled for a 6th issue, it was never printed, some of it eventually appearing in Petros' later Exploding Hearts Exploding Stars (Gosney, 1992). Largely apocalyptic in its concerns and calculated to shock, Exit provides a window in the darker reaches of underground visual culture in America during the late 1980s.

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