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Polish Avant-Garde – Poetry

Barykady: miesięcznik literacko-społeczny [Barricades: a literary and social monthly]. Vol. I, no. 1. WITH: Dźwigary: miesięcznik poświęcony sprawie polskiej kultury proletarjackiej [Girders: a monthly devoted to Polish proletarian culture]. Vol. I, no. 2.

Lublin: J. Łobodowski, 1932,and Lublin: K. Wójcik, 1934–1935. Octavos (23.8 × 16.2 cm). Original pictorial wrappers with linocut typographic design, on gray and red stock; pp. [3][, 89–151, [1] and 47, [1] pp. With one and two tipped-in plates respectively. Good or better; light overall wear; first issue with occasional underlining; second issue with smuges to one page and small (ca. 1.5 cm wide) section cut from final leaf.

Scarce individual issues of two short-lived radical avant-garde journals of literature, arts, and politics from Lublin, Poland. "Barykady" appeared in October 1932 and was immediately noticed by the Polish literary world, in part for its radical design: it dispensed with all punctuation and upper-case letters. The contributors included Wit Chomicz, Józef Czechowicz, Marjan Czuchnowski, Marjan Piechal, Adam Broniewicz, Marjan Plizga, and others, and the focus was on innovative poetics, and revolutionary politics. A second issue of "Barykady" was published in November 1932 but immediately confiscated by the censors for its aggressively political orientation. A final third issue appeared in newspaper format. "Dźwigary" was discontinued after the second issue, offered here.

According to the editor of Dźwigary, Józef Łobodowski, this journal, which sought to continue "Barykady", combined "social radicalism with poetic avant-gardeism, and also [had] ambitions – how to define it – to establish or make Polish Marxism independent. In short, a typical 'nationalist deviation". 'Dźwigary' ended with the second issue, but it made a lot of noise and became a prelude to the final break with communism. [...] It was a very ambitious attempt, and at the same time it was deliberately provocative towards the stagnant and rotting sinkhole of Polish left-wing 'thought'" (https://teatrnn.pl/leksykon/artykuly/dzwigary-19341935/). The contributors included artist Jan Wydra, as well as Grzegorz Timofiejew, Jan Śpiewak, Marjan Czuchnowski, Józef Łobodowski, Rafał Len, Szymon Marienholz, and others.

With linocut typographic wrapper design by Jan Samuel Miklaszewski (1907–1982).

As of April 2023, KVK, OCLC fail to locate any copies outside Poland.

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