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International Mail Art

I.A.C.-Info. No. 1 (1972) through 26 (1977) (all published).

Oldenburg, Germany: International Artists' Cooperation (I.A.C.), 1972-1977. Quartos (29.8 x 21 cm). Single sheets, most printed double-sided, loose as issued. Overall very good condition.

A complete collection in 26 issues of the publication from the International Artists' Cooperation (I.A.C.), edited by Klaus Groh. Groh (b. 1936) is a German artist and author who helped bring Mail Art from America to Europe and established an international Mail Art network. He directed the Micro Hall Art Center and the cabaret Literaturium as well as the IAC, the latter of which he ran from 1969 to 1990. IAC Info was a precursor to many Mail Art letters and works.

The first sheet has a handwritten address in the lower margin, and the group is accompanied by several handwritten notes fand a letter from Groh to Christian Schaffernicht. In the letter, Groh writes requesting payment for what he's already delivered and states, "Here is a new bundle, with my printed dissertation (enclosed) and ALL IAC-Infos in addition."

Issue no. 4 opens: "this is the 4th issue of the IAC. the feed-back is very big. more than 20 lovely persons are helping me, making this nrext information by sending me 4 US dollars. to all of them many thanks!! i hope, this the next number will (must!) become bigger." The issues contain addresses of Mail art artists as well as notes on projects they're working on, exhibitions, or forthcoming publications. Artists, publications, and publishers mentioned include Jiri Valoch, Ken Friedman, Dick Higgins, Maurizio Nanucci, Felipe Ehrenberg, Endre Tot, Opal L. Nations, Robin Croziers, Josep. M. Figueres, Lotta Poetica, Robho, Gronk Mailout, Beau Geste Press, the Underground Press Syndicate, and many others.

Scarce; as of June 2023, OCLC locates only two holdings of any issues in North American libraries.

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