Die Grotesklinie und ihre Spiegelvariation im Modernen Ornament und in der Dekorationsmalerei.

Title, 4 pp. illus. preface, and 64 color plates showing 422 Art Nouveau ornamental compositions and motifs. Obl. 8vo. Board portfolio, with mirror, suggested for enhanced viewing, in rear pocket. Berlin (Kanter & Mohr) ca. 1903.

A most important document of Austro-German Art Nouveau, according to the artists' preface a "grammar of modern ornament," with 32 plates by each of them. Klinger, a leader at the time in all aspects of book and poster ornamentation, etc. and for years an important contributor to Meggendorfer Blaetter, Lustige Blaetter, and other publications, confines himself in this collection to ornament proper, with flower, plant and animal shapes, while Anker shows some complete wall decorations and a number of sinuous human figures in addition to ornament.

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