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Ustav Rossiiskago zemsko-gorodskogo komiteta pomoshchi rossiiskim grazhdanam za-granitsei [Charter of the Russian Zemstvo-city committee for assistance Russian citizens abroad]. WITH: Statuts du Comité des Zemstvos et villes Russes de secours aux citoyens Russes a l’étranger.

Paris: self-published, 1921. Small octavos (11 × 7.5 cm). Original staple-stitched printed wrappers; 16 pp. each. Very good.

Two versions of the “Zemgor” (Russian Zemstvos and Towns Relief Committee) charter, printed in French and Russian. The pamphlets lay out the purpose and bylaws of this humanitarian organization. Founded in Paris in 1921 by the members of the White movement fleeing Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution, the purpose of the organization was to “provide aid in all its manifestations to the Russian refugees, former and interned military personnel, regardless of their political affiliation.” About two million individuals fled Russia during the Russian Civil War (1918–1922), most in difficult financial circumstances. Functioning as a kind of de facto “ministry of human affairs” in emigration, the Zemgor set up shelters, canteens, schools, orphanages, legal aid, and employment offices for the refugees. The organization was largely funded by subsidies from the Entente countries (Russian allies in WWI) and individual donations. The charter provides detailed information about the functioning of this organization. As of January 2020, KVK and OCLC only show the copies at Leeds and the BnF.

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