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Neo-Dada and Surrealism – Concrete Poetry

Bilder, halb Mondschrift [Images, half moon journal]. Nos.1–3 with the titles: great summer; Stilwechsel; Spiegel Welt (presumably complete; no other issues traced).

[Berlin]: Pegasus, Juli–August, 1977. Quartos (32 × 24.5 cm). Original staple-stitched self-wrappers; 23, [1] pp. (consecutive pagination). With numerous, partly full-page illustrations. About very good; one leaf with small tear.

Extremely rare Neo-Dada magazine from Berlin, of which only two issues can be found in the Literature Archive in Marbach and in the Berlinische Galerie. The texts and illustrations are printed without the names of the authors and artists. The names of the editors seem to be pseudonyms, and the name of the gallery and the publisher cannot be traced anywhere else.

It is not only the puns in the texts that make it clear that the makers of the issues took their cue from Dadaism. The cover of the first issue, with its rows of letters and collage of various scraps of paper, gives the impression of a combination of concrete poetry and Dadaism. The cover of the third issue, which cannot be found in any other library in the world, shows, in the tradition of Umbo's "Rasendem Reporter" (Racing Reporter), a collage of musical notations joined together in the form of a dancing man. Issue two shows a collage of wood engravings on the back in the tradition of Max Ernst. But instead of the animal heads, the faces of the gentlemen are blackened here.

It is certainly safe to assume that these experimental issues, which attempt to continue Dadaist and Surrealist techniques, were printed in an extremely small number of copies.

As of July 2023, OCLC and KVK list only 2 issues each of the series worldwide in the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach and the Berlinische Galerie.

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