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Gradiva: symbolisme, surrealisme, poesie, nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6–7 (lacking 5 and 8).

1971–1976. Brussels: Jacqueline Hondermarcq, 1971–1976. Octavos (20.8 × 13.8 cm). Original staple-stitched printed wrappers; 48 pp. each (the double issue 132 pp.). Very good copies; the first issue contains the original wrap-around band.

Substantial run of the uncommon Brussels-based journal of surrealist poetry, art, and theory, edited by Budík, Helena Foitlová, Jacqueline Hondermarcq, and Jacques Izoard. With contributions by J. F. Aranda, K. Baron, M. S. Baciu, M. Bloch, M. Butor, J. Carion, H. Delabarre, P. Dhainaut, P. Gabriel, J. Izoard, P. Kral, C. Lejeune, A. Marencin, A. Marinkovich, J. Poels, P. Reznicek, R. Sauwens, M. Simian and many others. Texts in French. A deluxe edition was also issued, with illustrations by the Skupina Lacoste member Josef Kremláček. The first issue with the wrap-around band laid in. From the Library of the Czech surrealist artist and poet Arnošt Budík.

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