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The Leningrad Nonconformists

Mit’ki gazeta [Mit’ki newspaper], no. 9, 1993. "Kinematograficheskii vypusk" ("Cinematographic issue").

St. Petersburg: Uchrediteli khudozhniki gruppy Mit’ki, 1993. Quarto (30 × 21 cm). Original staple-stitched pictorial self-wrappers; offset-printed text and images; [12] pp. (consecutive pagination: 085-096). Very good or better.

Later issue of this periodical issued by the “Mit'ki” (meet-KEE), the "cinematographic issue," with articles by M. S. Trofimenkov ("Seks, lozh' i mit'ki"), D. Shagin ("Kak mit'ki snimalis' v zagranichnom kino"), V. Shinkarev ("Po povodu mul'tfil'ma" and "Mit'ki i kino"), drawings by Shagin, Shinkarev, and others, as well as iamges of the group. The Mit’ki cultivated an existence outside the concerns of the late Soviet system, their members often worked in boiler rooms or as janitors, spent their time drinking and ‘loafing’ and did not read newspapers or otherwise acknowledge social norms. Aesthetically, they were part of a larger tendency in the Soviet underground to embrace naive and neo-primitivist forms of art, simultaneously looking back to the surrealist work of writers such as the Oberiuty Kharms and Vvedensky, and other representatives of the Russian historical avant-garde of the 1920-30s. According to a much more ironic view, the “main artistic achievement of the group was its ritualized lifestyle [...] According to Shinkarev, Mitki dressed like outcasts: striped sailor shirts (the Soviet bohemian uniform inherited from the Leningrad neorealists), old quilted jackets, Russian felt boots, and mangy fur hats with earflaps. Mitki drank from morning till night, but only the cheapest vodka and rotgut wine...” (Volkov, St. Petersburg 530). Edited by Iurii Molodkovets and Dmitrii Shagin, Shinkarev and A. Florenskii. See also Alexei Yurchak’s in-depth analysis in chapter 7 of Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More: The Last Soviet Generation. One of 1000 copies. KVK, OCLC show complete runs at Amherst, Stanford, and Humboldt Universität, and scattered issues at British Library, Oxford, and LOC.

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