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Original flyer announcing the famous installation work by Mladen Stilinović, "Eksploatacija mrtvih 1984-1988" (The Exploitation of the Dead), on January 25-30, 1988, at Hdluz Galerija Proširenih medija.

1988. Zagreb: Galerija Proširenih medija, 1988. Single leaf of white stock, A4, xerox-printed to recto. Old horizontal crease; still about very good, in protective mylar sleeve.

Scarce flyer announcing the second exhibition of a famous installation by Stilinović, the Belgrade-born neo-avantgarde artist active in Zagreb, and associated with the "Group of Six Artists" (Grupa šestorice autora) from 1975 to 1979. He was involved in experimental film, co-founded the self-administered Podroom Gallery, and is perhaps best known for the series "Exploitation of the Dead," begun in 1984 and continued beyond 1988. It was first shown in 1986 in Germany, and this appears to have been the first installation in Yugoslavia. The work, a parade of objects which is constantly reconfigured and rearranged, has also been exhibited internationally numerous times, such as at documenta in 2007. From the author's website: "The Exploitation of the Dead refers to several things: first, to the exploitation of dead poetics of painting – Suprematism, Socialist Realism and geometric abstraction. Secondly, to the exploitation of dead signs; for me these signs are dead because they have lost their meaning, or the meaning is so transparent that it is in fact dead. For other people, of course, these signs are not dead. Thirdly, signs of cross and star  initially represented man, and were later used by religion and ideology for their purposes; today, and this is a personal interpretation, they have become signs in cemeteries, not dead signs but signs of the death." This announcement not in KVK, OCLC.

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