Group of Nine Soviet Occult Samizdat Editions

Group of nine esoteric and occult Soviet samizdat editions, including works on Old Believers, mysticism, accupuncture, witchcraft and magic.

[Soviet Union]: ca. late 1970s or 1980s. Quartos (ca. 30 × 22 cm). Original paper-covered boards with hand-written labels to front boards; see below for pagination. Varying condition, but generally very good.

Group of nine volumes of carbon copy and original typescript, reproducing a number of spiritual, esoteric, and occult texts unavailable from Soviet publishers due to the subject matter and duplicated/distributed at considerable risk. The group includes:

Lodyzhenskii, M. V. Misticheskaia trilogiia, ch. 3: temnaia sila [A mystical trilogy, part 3: dark forces]. Petrograd, 1914. 161 pp. of carbon copy typescript.

Eresi, raskoly, i otstupleniia ot tserkvi, byvshie i sushchestvuiushchie v Iaroslavskoi eparkhii. Iz zapisok I. Troitskogo [Heresies schisms and departures from the church, past and present, in the Yaroslav Eparkhy]. 24 and 31 leaves of original typescript.

Uspenskii, P. D. Izvlechenie iz knigi "Tertium organum. Kliuch k zagadkam mira" [Excerpt from the book "Tertium organum. Key to the mysteries of the world"]. 23 leaves of carbon copy typescript.

Papius. Prakticheskaia magiia [Practical Magic]. St. Peterburg, 1912. 120 leaves of carbon copy typescript.

Chzhu Lian'. Rukovodstvo po sovremennoi Chzhen'-Tsiuterapii: Igloukalyvanie i prizhiganie [A Manual of Acupuncture]. Moscow, 1959. 178 pp. of carbon copy typescript; numerous xeroxed plates bound at back, presumably from the original 1959 edition.

Tolstoi, K. Sovremennye misticheskie ucheniia. Spiritizm, telepatiia i gipnotizm. And numerous other shorter essays on related topics by A. Kamenskaia, D. Ledbiter, E. Pisareva, etc. mostly taken from the pre-revolutionary "Vestnik Teosofii" (Theosophical Bulletin). Varying pagination, ca. 200 leaves of carbon copy typescript to rectos.

Lemann. Illiustrirovannaia istoriia sueverii i volshebstva ot drevnosti do nashikh dnei [An illustrated history of superstitions and sorcery from antiquity to today]. Moscow, 1900. 345 pp. of original typescript. Issued without illustrations.

Rait, Garri. Svidetel' koldovstva [Witness to Witchcraft by Harry Wright]. Moscow, 1971. 84 leaves of carbon copy typescript.

Tukholka, S. Okkul'tizm i magiia [Occultism and magic]. St. Peterburg, 1907. 59 leaves of carbon copy typescript.

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