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Ustav “Bratstva dlia zashchity narodnykh prav”: pis’mo ko vsemu russkomu krest’ianstvu [Charter of “the Brotherhood for protection of the people’s rights”: a letter to all Russian peasant farmers].

Geneva: Tipografiia gruppy starykh narodovol’tsev, 1899. Small octavo (15 × 11.5 cm). Original staple-stitched printed self-wrappers; 16 pp. Very good or better.

Written by one of the first peasant organizations, “The brotherhood for protection of the people’s rights,” this brochure calls for peasants to organize themselves to fight for their collective rights. The brochure is unattributed, but was likely written by Viktor Chernov (1873-1952), a Russian revolutionary who was living in exile in the Tambov region at the time and was instrumental in founding the brotherhood. In 1899, at the end of his exile, Chernov left Russia and settled in Geneva where this brochure was published. In the next year Chernov founded the Anarcho-socialist league in Geneva and published his next brochure “Another question of the revolution” in which he argued for the inclusion of peasant farmers into the proletarian revolutionary movement. No. 346 in the Souvarine and Bernshtein catalog (Dekker & Nordemann BV, 1980).

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