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Oppositional GDR Samizdat

Neues Forum [New Forum]. Nos. 1, 2, and 3 (all published).

[Berlin]: [Neues Forum], [1989]. A4, with xeroxed and otherwise reproduced typescript and computer-printed text to rectos; 12, 10, and 10 pp. Two issues with holes punched to left margin; else very good.

Three issues, comprising a complete run, of this rare and influential GDR oppositional bulletin, published November 8, 31, and December 20, 1989. The civic initiative by the same name was founded on September 9–10, 1989 in Grünheide near Berlin, which was attended by Katja Havemann, Bärbel Bohley, Jutta Seidel, Olaf Freund, Rolf Henrich, Hans-Jochen Tschiche, Martin Böttger, Reinhard Schult, and numerous others. The meeting would alter the course of the remaining fifty-five weeks of the GDR regime by creating the first oppositional movement that would seek to act on a legal footing. Its aims were stated in the movement’s founding document, “Aufbruch 89 – Neues Forum,” here included in a contemporary xerox copy (single leaf of A4, reproduced typescript to recto and verso). From November 7 to December 12, 1989, these three issues were published, which include interviews explaining the rationale of “Neues Forum,” a timeline of events since September 10, 1989, lyrics by Wolf Biermann, a speech by Christa Wolf, reports on activities of local affiliates, and calls for protests and other actions.

Similar periodicals were printed in Leipzig, Dresden, and other East German cities. After the fall of the regime, in 1990, the periodical was continued with the new title Neues Forum Bulletin (ceased 1998). This initial group of publications from 1989 is rare; we cannot trace any copies in KVK, OCLC or on the market. The only traceable holdings are at the Havemann Gesellschaft.

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