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Czech Samizdat "Hyperbibliophily"

Volné sebrání [Free gathering], vol. 3. Portfolio containing twenty-four works of art interleaved with hand- and typewritten texts, many of them unique or limited.

[Kunstat, near Brno]: 1974. Black portfolio, gilt title to spine, measuring 32 × 22.2 cm, with contents printed on leaves A4-sized. Carbon copy typescript. Light wear and small tear to portfolio; contents very good.

Unique compilation of twenty-four leaves featuring poetic texts or original artwork, all signed, limited, or entirely unique. Edited by Ludvík Kundera and and produced in a print run of twenty-four copies, not for sale, but intended for distribution only to the contributing authors and artists. With signed original prints by Ivan Chatrný and Dalibor Chatrný ("Hommage to Kazimir Malevich"); etchings, linocuts, woodcuts, and photography-based artworks by Jaroslav Skarohlid, Frantisek Bic, Hana Rychecka, Jindrich Pilecek, Bohdan Kopecky, Arna Jurackova, Rudolf Fila, Josef Krejcirik, Jaroslav Serych. Also included are translations of poems by Ezra Pound, Nelly Sachs, Shakespeare, Günter Eich, R. M. Rilke, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Jules Supervielle, and others, prepared, copied, and signed by Josef Hlavacek, Antonin Pridal, Dalibor Kozel, Josef Suchy, Vitezslav Gardavsky, Vladimir Mikes, Jan Skacel, and others. Perhaps the best known among the contributors is Ludvík Kundera (1920-2010), a cousin of his more famous namesake, and a prolific Czech surrealist writer and important representative of modernism during and after WWII, as well as a co-founder of Skupina Ra. He was not allowed to publish work during the Czech “Normalization” after 1970. The portfolio gathers many of the key figures of the unofficial art scene in Normalization-era Brno, Moravia. Along with his wife, Kundera was also the compiler of the series, which was issued from 1973 to 1974 and was referred to as "Hyperbibliofilie" ("Hyperbibliophily") by its contributors. Some of the issues had different themes; the first and third issues were devoted to translations. In all, twelve issues were completed; a thirteenth album was not finished due to repressive actions taken by the Czechoslovak secret police force. As of February 2020, we cannot trace any holdings of this scarce series, either via KVK or OCLC.

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