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Czechoslovak Concrete Poetry

Collection of thirty books, exhibition catalogs, and original work documenting Czechoslovak concrete poetry.

[Mostly Czechoslovakia, 1963–1993].

Gathering scarce publications and exhibition catalogs of leading figures of Czechoslovak concrete poetry, such as Jiří Kolář, Jiří Valoch, Josef Hiršal (1920–2003), and his partner Bohumila Grögerová (1921–2014), this collection documents the phenomenon of Czechoslovak concrete poetry in the mid-1960s. Also featured is more lettrist-influenced work, both in book design and original artworks, by Ladislav Novák and Eduard Ovčáček. Of further importance are key theoretical works, such as Grögerová and Hiršal’s translations of Max Bense (1967), as well as catalogs of key exhibitions of Czech concrete poets. Also included are several original works and books by Josef Hiršal.

Mary Ellen Solt noted in her 1968 essay: “Czech concrete poetry has been influenced by the aesthetic of Max Bense as well as by the poetry of the Noigandres group of Brazil, but it has developed along lines which have allowed it to become distinctive in its own right. Due in part, no doubt, to the close contact between poets and painters in Prague and to the fact that some of the Czech poets themselves are gifted graphic artists, much of Czech concrete poetry is of distinguished graphic quality” (in Concrete Poetry: A World View, 1968). After the Soviet invasion, concrete poetry became increasingly unacceptable to the literary establishment and most titles presented here date to 1963–1968. The authors were forced to published in samizdat form; others worked in children’s literature or as translators. Please inquire for our complete catalog.

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