Croatian Partisan Publication

Pjesme partizanke (1943). II izdanje. [Partisan songs. 1943. Second edition].

[Šuma Javornica]: Izdao tsentralni odbor USAOJ-a, [1944]. 12mo (15.3 × 11.9 cm). Original printed wrappers; 47, [1] pp. Very good.

Scarce second edition of the partisan poems of Vladimir Nazor, first published in January of the same year, and here re-issued in November 1944. Nazor (1876-1949) was a Croatian writer, poet, and translator who joined the Croatian Partisan fighters in 1942, accepting a leading position and becoming a loyal follower of Broz Tito. He would publish numerous books about the experience, in addition to his already prolific pre-war literary output, and the present poems, which appear to have been written in various locations in 1942-1943, were published surreptitiously, like most partisan publications. It was edited by and published on behalf of the Unified League of Anti-Fascist Youth of Yugoslavia, a united front of communist anti-fascist fighters, which later became the People's Youth of Yugoslavia.

The Croatian partisans were part of a larger anti-fascist Yugoslav resistance movement, the most successful anti-Nazi force to emerge on Axis-occupied territory. The first resistance groups arose in 1941, in response to the new Nazi-puppet government of the Independent State of Croatia. Using guerilla warfare tactics, sabotage, and a makeshift, yet highly effective underground printing and propaganda effort, the partisans scored key victories and eventually swelled to a 110.000 people-strong force, the largest and most successful of the Yugoslav partisan troops. Produced in small numbers, using low-quality stock and crude forms of reproduction technologies, publications by the Yugoslav partisans are rare today. This title was not included in the 2017 catalog, "The Partisans: The Underground Society" (by Dasa Pahor and Alexander Johnson).

KVK and OCLC only show the copy in Ljubljana (as well as an edition published at London, held by the British Library, NYPL, and Nanterre).

Book ID: P6395