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Yugoslav Partisan Imprints

Group of seventeen publications by Slovenian and Croatian partisan fighters, published ca. 1942 to 1944.

Slovenia and Croatia: various, 1942-1945. Octavos (ca. 15.5 × 11.3 to 21.5 × 17.2 cm). Original staple-stitched printed and mimeographed self-wrappers and wrappers; varying pagination, typically no more than 32 pp. Overall about very good; a few items with wear to wrappers or toning.

Group of seventeen clandestine publications by Slovenian and Croatian members of the anti-fascist Yugoslav resistance movement, the most successful anti-Nazi force to emerge on Axis-occupied territory. The first resistance groups arose in 1941, in response to the new Nazi-puppet government of the Independent State of Croatia. Using guerilla warfare tactics, sabotage, and a makeshift, yet highly effective underground printing and propaganda effort, the partisans scored key victories and eventually swelled to a 110.000 people-strong force, the largest and most successful of the Yugoslav partisan troops.

One of the items is an illustrated manual on anti-tank artillery, which was published by a clandestine press in the south of Slovenia. Another contains short essays from the life of a youth brigade and was published by the propaganda department of the Slovenian Liberation Army and Partisan Detachment of Slovenia. Two publications were issued by the Agitprop department of the Banovina Regional Committee of the Croatian Communist Party and contain articles on the Bolshevization of the Croatian Communist Party and the organization of the food supply; the other contains an overview of the partisan press. The bulk of the remainder was issued by the "Naprijed" publishing house of the Croatian Communist Party in Šuma Javornica, and contain texts by Kalinin, Mitin, Vyshinskii, Stalin, D. Petrov, M. Jovčuk, and Moša Pijade.

As is true of many Yugoslav Partisan publications, the rear wrappers of several pamphlets bears the printed slogan "Smrt fašismu, sloboda narodu," "Death to fascism, freedom to the people." Produced in small numbers, using low-quality stock and crude forms of reproduction technologies, publications by the Yugoslav partisans are rare today. With one exception (no. 28, Protioklopne puške in topa), these titles were not included in the 2017 catalog, "The Partisans: The Underground Society" (by Dasa Pahor and Alexander Johnson).

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